What things are very essential throughout the process of valuation?

Home-Valuationeffective practice that makes a school successful is a principal providing strong leadership with the power to make changes like Collier is making at his school.Decatur Superintendent Sam Houston said he wants his principals to feel empowered to make needed changes.They’re professionals, and there’s a communications issue here, Houston said.I’m excited they are making good decisions about instruction for the students as long as they are looking at the right things, playing to their strengths and improving their weaknesses.

Samuel Casey Carter’s book, No Excuses, is a study Valuations VIC of 21 high-performing, high-poverty schools.According to Carter, these 21 schools have seven common successful traits: Strong principals who believe in accountability.Principals set measurable goals that establish a culture of achievement.Master teachers provide quality leadership for the faculty.Rigorous and regular standardized testing to measure achievement.Achievement is the key to discipline.Parental involvement and accountability.Hard work and high expectations.

HARTSELLE — The electors of Hartselle may vote on a property tax increase on the same day that they elect the next city administration.The council majority agreed Monday night that a tax proposal should go before voters.The only remaining question is how much to request.We’ve tried everything, and this is the only thing left, Councilman Richard Dick Carter said.Carter and Councilman Don Hall have proposed similar tax packages that would provide money for the city’s General Fund and Hartselle Board of Education.

The only way we’re going to sell this to the people is to write the legislation in a way so that they know how the money will be used, Hall said.Hall wants the money spent on street repairs and a new high school.Since the state constitution governs property taxes, only a vote of the people can increase them.Mayor Clif Knight said Morgan County’s legislative delegation has to introduce and get passed a local bill that would allow Hartselle electors to vote.