Property valuation process is able to make people stress less

These companies can set up manufacturing or export bases, even regional headquarters here, to circumvent the quota limit and other market access obstacles. However, this would probably only happen once the US and the rest of the global economy regains its growth path and companies are willing to explore overseas markets.

Looking forward, as we state before, the USSFTA is expected to boost Singapore’s GDP by 0.5% in the mediumand long- run.

In the past two decades, the correlation coefficient between office demand and GDP growth is 0.65. Furthermore, our research shows that this additional 0.5% GDP growth brought by USSFTA can result in average 104,000 sqf office demand per year in the long run.

Retail sector is linked directly to consumption. The market has been battered by the recent SARS outbreak.

Property valuation structure is designed to conduct the inspection of house for knowing house price and then making efforts to improve the house structure and get a good price on your house when you go for selling your house in the real estate field.