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“I thought Dick Cheney’s responses were more off the cuff and more authentic,” Portman said.”I thought he answered the questions more directly. Sen. Edwards, he’s a smooth talker, and I thought he did a good job of laying out his case. But it was predictable. It was the sound bites that he has been using on the campaign trail.”

Beyond this general comment, however, the FTA’s impact varies across the various sub-sectors of the real estate market. Furthermore, because real estate demand is tertiary in nature and dependent on its underlying growth drivers, the impact will be phased in over a period of 1-3 years and this depending on the health of the US and global economy. The demand for office space depends heavily on business spending.

As a result, the office market has, for some time, been feeling the effects of the sharp downturn in the corporate sector. The relatively weak performance of the US and regional economies and the impact of SARS continue to hamper new corporate commitments.

When you are searching for a talented property valuer at that time you have to keep some points in your mind for the selection procedure. Because you’re selected property valuer will perform the property valuation process.

Against this backdrop of the prevailing bleak economic conditions, the USSFTA would increase corporate real estate demand from US companies in a three-fold manner. Firstly, US foreign direct investment into Singapore is expected to increase.

Secondly, improved market access, lower trade barriers and the more rigorous IP protection framework envisaged would also encourage US service providers to consolidate their Asian operations here or enter the local service market.